It's simple. We save you time and money and with 25 years of Preventive Maintenance experience, we know what to look for!

Our inspections can combine the use of thermographic (infrared) imaging and ultrasonics to detect equipment defects, operational issues, reduce your insurance costs (by showing due diligence) and provide a safer work environment.

No one else has the years of maintenance expertise combined with the cutting edge technology you need to see where it is all about to go wrong. Industries around the world know preventative maintenance saves money and increases production time. Now you too have access to our invaluable diagnostic services. Whether it is saving you future downtime, or finding a troublesome issue that is preventing you from reaching full production, Skyspect is the company to call.
Our inspections provide the maintenance expert with important information about the condition of the equipment. Inspections are not intrusive to the operation as they are done with the production process in full operation. A proper thermographic inspection, using a Certified Thermographer, can help optimize your production process.

The use of thermographic imaging and ultrasonics has already revolutionized preventative maintenance for all types of industries, and now you too can access this great diagnostic resource locally!

For a free sample Inspection Report just send us an email. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Here are a few examples of why our inspections are an asset:



Pumps:  (i.e. overheating, damaged bearings, misalignment, cavitation, poor lubrication, friction, vibration issues, etc.)

Gearboxes/reducers: (i.e. overheating, damaged bearings, gear wear, misalignment, lubrication problems, vibration issues, etc.) 

Conveyor systems:  (i.e. overheating, damaged bearings, misalignment, friction, etc.) 

Hydraulic and lubrication systems:  (i.e. sticking servos and valves, valve restrictions, piping blockage/ flow problems, overheating/cooling problems, etc.)

Process valves & piping:  (i.e. blockage/low flow problems, valve restrictions, etc.)

Storage tanks:  (i.e. blockage/low flow problems, faulty level indicators, poor or deteriorating welds, etc.)


Motors:  (i.e. overheating, damaged bearings, misalignment, overheated windings, improper connections, overloading, arcing. etc.) 

Primary power sources:  (i.e. outdoor high voltage switchyard, faulty switchgears, arcing, corona, ect.)  

(MCC) Motor control centers:  (i.e. overheated connections, faulty switches, fuse problems, overloaded electrical cables, arcing, etc. ) 

Transformers:  (i.e. overheated connections, oil levels/leaks, arcing, etc.)

Low voltage installations:  (i.e.  faulty breakers/panels, overloaded circuits, faulty electrical outlets/wall sockets, etc.)

Building Diagnostics

Building structure:  (i.e. poor/missing insulation, moisture/mold, sources of heat loss, cracked foundations

Roofs:  (i.e. entrapped moisture, damaged insulation,  heat loss, etc.)


To get your inspection done by a Certified Thermographer contact Skyspect Inspection Services today! 


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