Thermography is a none-contact and none-evasive method of diagnosing and solving problems of all kinds. An infrared camera, in the hands of a certified thermographer, can show exactly where the problems are!

A thermographic inspection makes it easy to locate problem areas. Diagnosing problems before they cause damage can save you or your company valuable downtime and money.

Home Inspections using Thermography

Thermographic scans are included in all our home inspections and energy audits at no extra charge! 

A complete Thermal Report is also included if any issues are detected. Again at no extra charge!

Really! We dare you to find an inspection service that offers this free service!

A thermographic scan can detect building and plumbing leaks, moisture build-up that can indicate mold problems, foundation defects, electrical issues, poor insulation, pest infestations as well as substandard workmanship, all of which can mean costly repairs. 

Stand-alone thermographic scans are also available. Please call for pricing and details. 


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Industrial/Commercial Applications Using Thermography

A thermal imaging camera is a very reliable, non- contact instrument which is able to visualize the heat distribution of entire surfaces of machinery, electrical systems, piping and building structures quickly and accurately. Routine thermographic inspections, performed by a certified thermographer, will contributed to substantial cost savings.

The use of thermography has already revolutionized preventative maintenance for all types of industries, and now you too can locally access this great diagnostic resource!

A thermographic inspection provides the maintenance expert with important information about the condition of the equipment. Inspections are not intrusive to the operation as they can be done with the production process in full operation. A proper thermographic inspection can help optimize your production process.

With 25 years of mechanical experience, we know what to look for!

To get your thermographic inspection done by a Certified Thermographer contact Skyspect Inspection Services today!



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